Heavy Synth 10W40


  • A smoother, quieter & more responsive drive
  • Resists oil degradation and provides protection throughout the drain interval
  • Extends engine life by 40% better protection against wear even in severe daily traffic conditions & 78% better corrosion protection against industry standards
  • Longer oil life & lesser need for top ups
  • Best suited for: Petrol and diesel vehicles that need all round protection in daily traffic conditions.
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  • 100% Synthetic with Ester technology 4-Stroke engine oil formulated to meet the newest in motorcycle manufacturer specifications in terms of JASO and API SN
  • Viscosity: 10W-40 ,Specifications: API SN JASO MA2
  • JASO MA2 ensures optimum clutch performance at start-up, acceleration and full speed
  • API SN provides improved high temperature deposit protection for more stringent sludge control

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0.863 g/ml

KV @40 °C

99.7 cSt

KV @100 °C

13.4 cSt

Viscosity Index


Flash Point °C


Pour Point °C



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