Royafield Gold 4T 15W50


  • Doesn T Let Your Bike Lose Power Over Time Even at the End of 12000 Km.
  • Ride 5 Km Farther Per Ltr on the Same Amount of Fuel.
  • No Other Motor Oil Keeps the Engine Close To Factory Clean Giving Excellent Power & Responsiveness.
  • 71% Better High Temperature Protection Than a Leading Competitor That Keeps the Oil Working Like New.
  • Best Suited For: Modern High Performance & Power Racing Motorbikes That Demand the Ultimate Engine Performance & Unsurpassed Protection Under Severe Driving Conditions – High Speeds and Long Rides.
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0.881 g/ml

KV @40 °C

179.5 cSt

KV @100 °C

19 cSt

Viscosity Index


Flash Point °C


Pour Point °C



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