Royafield Heavy 4T 15W50


ZEBROL Heavy Duty 15W 50 is a premium quality motor cycle engine oil made to cater to the highly demanding lubrication requirements of modern 4-Stroke geared bikes.

ZEBROL Heavy Duty 15W 50 is manufactured from the finest Group II base stocks and state of the art additive technology to meet the most stringent requirements of API SL as well as JASO MA 2 specifications.

HP RACER 15W 50 provides superior protection for engine, clutch and gears of the high powered Motor Cycles, especially those with engine displacement of 350 cc and above. The product helps you to derive the best performance from your bike all the time, while ensuring high engine durability.

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One Piece also You can purchase …There is no transportation cost… Free transport to your place

Packaging Details Per carton Box it contains 20 Pieces of 1 Litre Bottle

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0.881 g/ml

KV @40 °C

177.7 cSt

KV @100 °C

19.4 cSt

Viscosity Index


Flash Point °C


Pour Point °C



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