Syntech Gold 4T 20W50 CI 4


  • Effective Lubrication: The engine oil and its micro molecules are designed to stick to the engine parts to provide all-weather protection and smoother operation and minimum energy loss or wear and tear. This also helps in maintaining optimum on-road performance.
  • High Oxidation and Thermal Stability: Racemax Engine Oil comes with an ideal temperature and oxidation co-efficient to assure high oxidation and thermal stability to bring the best performance even at extreme temperatures and pressure.
  • Quality Certified and Compatible with All vehicles: The premium quality of Racemax bike engine oil is compliant with the latest emission standards and meets various API and JASO certifications thus are compatible with major 4-stroke engines.
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  • Lubricate Engine Moving Parts To Reduce Friction & Prevent Wear
  • Clear Engine Of Contaminants
  • Seal Piston & Linear For Optimum Engine Efficiency
  • Resist High Temperature Degradation
  • Lubricate Over a Wide Temperature Range

Additional information


0.872 g/ml

KV @40 °C

159.5 cSt

KV @100 °C

17.5 cSt

Viscosity Index


Flash Point °C


Pour Point °C



6 mg KOH/g


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