ZEBROL Gear Pro EP 90


  • These are recommended for all hypoid, spiral bevel and worm gear transmission systems of scooters, bike, cars, buses and trucks, needing EP type of lubrication
  • These are hypoid gear oils containing extreme pressure antioxidant, antirust and antifoam additives ensuring long service life
  • Excellent resistance to degradation and deposit formation at high operating temperature
  • Semi-synthetic multigrade transmission oil (Front Wheel Drive) providing safe and accurate functioning of manual gearboxes and gear differentials
  • Premium quality, Imported from Germany
  • Has perfect low-temperature properties and high thermal stability
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  • EP 90 Gear Oil is recommended for hypoid spiral bevel or worm gear transmission system of cars, buses, truck and tractors requiring EP 90 type lubricants. It gives smooth gear operations.
  • Vehicle Compatibility: All
  • Good anti-foam properties ensure film strength for effective lubrication
  • The extreme pressure additives provide excellent protection to gears and protect them against wear and scoring even under heavy duty conditions

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0.896 g/ml

KV @40 °C

181.5 cSt

KV @100 °C

16 cSt

Viscosity Index


Flash Point °C


Pour Point °C



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